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Patrick Darby Photography – The Story of…

Tonic Photo Studios was founded in the early nineties and grew to become one of the Southwest’s largest and most diverse commercial photography providers. Tonic’s positioning has been somewhat unique with its desire to offer high levels of creativity, diversity, and physical resources in one cohesive brand solution. Recently Patrick Darby Photography was launched as tonic’s first premium sub-brand who’s focus is entirely on food photography. So while the brand is technically new, its been years in the making.

With a desire to share the experience visually, I have assembled a post to present some imagery of our great space near downtown Tempe to provide a sense of the physical environment and energy within. PDP and tonic have a wonderful open but yet cozy feel that envelops its guest’s with a welcoming mood conducive to the creative process. The physical space is close to 7000 square feet and contains a spacious and modern kitchen, a client lounge, and huge prop area.

We’ve got a great support staff and are equally set up to shoot both in studio or on location.

We love what we do and are always striving to provide our clients with highly creative, contemporary and compelling images.

Enjoy the images of the space and representations of activity within and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule a portfolio review.

Patrick Darby

Tonic Exterior



tonic Panoramic


In Action 1


In Action 2


In Action 3


In Action 4


In Action 5


In Action 6