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Product and Food Photography for Packaging

With being a dedicated commercial food and motion studio not only do we shoot food for hospitality groups and ad agencies, we work with many corporate clients direct for their private label packaging needs. The Megaware Pro packaging shoot included a multi-day production in studio to capture 15+ shots of styled food and food prep items as well as individual product shots. All images were used for front, side and back packaging placement. A big thank you to the client and food stylists for a project well done.



4 Qt Covered Dutch Oven
Cookware Surface 3

Roaster in Over




Food photography for packaging

Photography for packaging is a speciality I’ve enjoyed shooting throughout the years. It allows me to get to know the entire brand line in addition to the many marketing and creative teams that work so hard to get these items onto the shelves. Working with the Isagenix team has always been fun and rewarding. I’m looking forward working with the Isa team this next year as they continue to roll out new products.


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